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Patent Attorney/Trademark attorney/ Plant breeders’ rights attorney in Ukraine

We are committed to handle all range of IP related issues that our clients may encounter in Ukraine. We conduct trademark availability searches, advise and assist in trademark registration in Ukraine, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, providing market watching services and protecting clients’ rights by preventing registration of similar marks. We helped our clients to defend their rights and to finalise trademark registration in Ukraine by drafting legal arguments and successfully overcoming provisional refusals against their international trademarks.

Each CIS jurisdiction has its own specifics of the established local IP practice and rules implemented by the patent and trademark offices and our thorough knowledge of the market as well as many years of solid experience ensures successful representation of our clients’ IP interests in Ukraine. Our unique customised approach to each case and tailored strategy based on the client’s specific needs made us a preferred choice and we are very proud of our long standing cooperation with clients.

Our recent experience

– Advising the leading German pharmaceutical manufacturing firm on overcoming provisional refusal issued by the National Patent Office; drafting written arguments, collecting evidence as well as advising client on the best winning strategy;
– Conducting trademark search and advising on pre-filing strategy;
– Providing market-watching services; detecting trademark applications in conflict with our clients’ trademarks; preparing and filing oppositions to such detected trademark applications;
– Negotiating and obtaining withdrawal of oppositions filed by third parties against our clients’ trademark applications.

General information

Area: 603,628 sq. km.
Population: 42 541 663
Capital: Kiev.
Language: Ukrainian.
Currency: Hryvna.