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Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney/Plant breeders’ rights Attorney in Lithuania

We offer all range of IP services in Lithuania that clients need, including advise on trademark and patent registration in Lithuania, appeal and oppositions, licenses, copyrights, trade secrets etc. We advise on all aspects of filing requirements, obtaining, monitoring, enforcing, exploiting intellectual property rights in Lithuania as well as provide ancillary services like legal translation. We do every possible effort in order to streamline the process for our clients who enjoy our straight forward approach and flexible working practices.
Clients turn to us for our IP advise in Lithuania for many reasons among which simplicity of service, transparent costs, quality, flexibility and expertise can be pointed out.

Efendi Law &IP is the IP firm of choice for many international IP attorneys and businesses around the world who appreciate our dedication to client-focused flexible working practices.

Throughout the past years we helped our clients to enforce their patents along with trade mark and design registrations. We successfully defended interests of our clients at the Courts and assisted in obtaining full protection of their IPRs in Lithuania.

Our recent experience

– Advising the leading regional alcohol&beverages producer on protection of its intellectual property rights against the infringers as well as preparing a strategy of overcoming potential litigation claims related to non-use trademark actions in Lithuania; drafting written arguments against the claim filed by the infringers; representing the client and drafting dispute settlement agreement signed between the parties;
– Advising the leading fashion brand producers on protection measures against the infringers; Monitoring marketplace and advising on maintenance, post-registration procedures and trademark renewal;
– Representing clients in connection with trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Appeal Board.

General information

Area: 65,300 sq. km.
Population: 2 821 674 inhabitants.
Capital: Vilnius.
Language: Lithuanian.
Currency: Euro.