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Patent Attorney/Trademark attorney in Turkmenistan

Under the local laws foreign entities can be represented before the Turkmenistani Patent and Trademark Office (“Turkmenpatent”) only through the local trademark attorney in Turkmenistan. The whole procedure of trademark registration in Turkmenistan takes approximately 24 months.

Our client portfolio ranges from medium sized companies to big international corporations and we develop and implement a customized concept for each of our client. One of the key elements of our trademark advisory services in Turkmenistan as well as in other CIS countries is developing a protection strategy that suits the specific needs of each individual client. This is of particular importance to clients without their own in-house attorneys.

Thus, our extensive IP law services in Turkmenistan include trademark search, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, monitoring registered marks and market watching services, advising on license agreements, representation of clients’ interests in the appeal division of the Turkmenpatent office as well as in the Turkmenistani courts. Based upon clients’ requests, we successfully filed objections against the examiners’ provisional refusal in Turkmenistan against the local as well as international trademark registrations.

Our IP expertise in Turkmenistan

– Handling trademark portfolio of the leading Indonesian food producers in Turkmenistan; Advising on trademark licensing and related legal issues;
– Representing interests of the leading world pharmaceutical producers on assignment deal as well as advising on other related IP matters; drafting written arguments and filing an appeal claim to the Board of Appeal against provisional refusal issued by the Turkmenistani Patent Office.
– Advising the leading Asian food producers on protection against infringement caused by unfair competitor.

General information

Area: 491,200 sq. km.
Population: 5,490 563
Capital: Ashgabad
Languages: Turkmen.
Currency: Manat.