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Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney/ Plant breeders’ rights Attorney in Kyrgyzstan

Our IP expertise in Kyrgyzstan

– Advising the leading Asian coffee producer on IP filing strategy and due diligence. Conducting pre-filing clearance searches; advising on the appropriate goods and services covered by the application; recommending the jurisdictions in which protection should be sought and creating a brand strategy based on the client’s needs and business plan for this region;
– Advising Asian tyre manufacturer on infringement and validity of its trademarks in Kyrgyzstan; based on our experience in the industry, advising the client on post-registration matters such as recordal of assignments, licenses, renewals and maintenance of registrations.

The key elements of our trademark advisory services range from trademark registration in Kyrgyzstan up to the enforcement of trademark rights against infringers. We help our clients to develop a protection strategy that caters for the client’s specific needs and ensures a wider protection.

We provide all necessary post-registration support. We protect interests of our clients by preventing registration of similar marks, drafting legal arguments to the Trademark Appeal Board in Kyrgyzstan, advising on revocation and cancellation proceedings as well as, representing clients in actions before the Kyrgyzstani court if necessary.

We assisted many clients on successful overcoming provisional refusals against international applications for trademark registration in Kyrgyzstan, appeal and opposition procedures in Kyrgyzstan.

We also provide sophisticated market watching services and monitor registered trademarks database in order to alarm our clients about potential abuses of their registered rights and to proceed with all other necessary legal actions required to defend clients’ IPRs in Kyrgyzstan.

General information

Area: 199, 951 sq. km.
Population: 6,019 480
Capital: Bishkek
Languages: Kyrgyz
Currency: Kyrgyz Som