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Protection of intellectual property rights in all CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova) and in Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania).

Please see below information about our recent experience in the region.

– Handling trademark portfolio of the leading pharmaceutical products and medical devices producer in Asia & Australia and advising on pre-filing strategy; providing all necessary advice on post-filing procedure related to use/non-use claims by third parties;
– Drafting written arguments, appearing at the Board of Appeal as well as advising a leading US provider of manufacturing software products on all aspects related to overcoming provisional refusal against the client’s international trademark applications in Tajikistan;
– Conducting trademark search and providing legal opinion on perspectives of trademark registration as well as legal risks associated with conflicting trademarks.

– Handling trademark portfolio of the leading Indonesian food producers in Turkmenistan; Advising on trademark licensing and related legal issues;
– Representing interests of the leading world pharmaceutical producers on assignment deal as well as advising on other related IP matters; drafting written arguments and filing an appeal claim to the Board of Appeal against provisional refusal issued by the Turkmenistani Patent Office.
– Advising the leading Asian food producers on protection against infringement caused by unfair competitor.

– Advising the leading Asian coffee producer on IP filing strategy and due diligence. Conducting pre-filing clearance searches; advising on the appropriate goods and services covered by the application; recommending the jurisdictions in which protection should be sought;
– Advising Asian tyre manufacturer on infringement and validity of its trademarks in Kyrgyzstan; using our experience in the industry, advising the client on post-registration matters such as recordal of assignments, licenses, renewals and maintenance of registrations.

– Advising one of the leading South African gold producers on pre-launch clearance searches, filing strategy, overcoming objections and successfully prosecuting trademark applications through to registration;
– Filling and following renewals for trademark registrations;
– Advising on litigation related to trademark infringements and trademark oppositions.

– Advising the leading manufacturing firm on overcoming provisional refusal issued by the National Patent Office; drafting written arguments, collecting evidence as well as advising client on the best winning strategy;
– Conducting trademark search and advising on pre-filing strategy;
– Providing market-watching services; detecting trademark applications in conflict with our clients’ trademarks; preparing and filing oppositions to such detected trademark applications;
– Negotiating and obtaining withdrawal of oppositions filed by third parties against our clients’ trademark applications.

– Settling dispute between the leading IT&Communication producers related to assignment of trademark;
– Handling trademark portfolio of the world’s leading mining producer in Belorus; conducting pre-filing trademark clearance searches, advising on brand strategy as well as trademark renewal and assignment issues.

– Representing world’s leading manufacturer of camera and optics-related equipment in Moldova and advising on trademark registration issues, conducting market-watching services;
– Advising on trademark filing, maintenance, and protection strategies.

– Advising the leading Russian manufacturer on anti-counterfeiting measures and trademark enforcement in multiple jurisdictions including Russia;
– Advising the leading Russian food producer on trademark enforcement and protection against the sale of counterfeit goods in the Post-Soviet region.
– Advising international trademark owners on registering and maintaining trademarks in Russia;
– Assisting one of the leading European pharmaceutical producer on patent protection issues in Russia;
– Conducting trademark search and advising on the best brand strategy.

– Providing assistance in tackling counterfeiting and piracy problems and enforcing clients’ IP rights in Azerbaijan;
– Drafting Cease and Decease Letters and collecting evidence;
– Advising on registration of trademarks at Azerbaijani Customs’ Trademark Registry;
– Advising US tech company on patent protection in Azerbaijan; drafting and filing Azerbaijani National Phase Patent applications based on prior PCT and US patent applications;
– Advising on trademark registration, trademark renewal and assignments;
– Handling trademark portfolio of High End fashion brands as well as advising on brand protection in Azerbaijan.

– Handling trademark portfolio of one the biggest Asian pharmaceutical producer and advising on maintenance and enforcement strategy;
– Coordination with law enforcement authorities on proceedings taken against the infringers of clients’ intellectual property rights in Kazakhstan;
– Drafting, registering and advising on trademark assignment agreements as well as other related issues.

– Advising the leading Russian beverage & alcohol producer on the best strategy of overcoming grounds of provisional refusal issued by the Estonian Patent Office against registration of the client’s trademark in Estonia; collecting evidence and filing a response against provisional refusal to the Estonian Patent Office; advising the client on opportunities and potential risks of bringing a court action against the infringer, drafting and submitting a court action to the Estonian Court which led to the positive decision in our client’s favor.
– Advising on trademark protection issues related to post-registration stage; assisting clients on registering trademarks at the national Customs Registry of Trademarks; negotiating and drafting the amicable agreements for the termination and compensation for intellectual property infringement.

– Conducting clearance searches, advising clients on selecting, registering, enforcing and defending trademarks;
– Providing market-watching services to prevent infringement of our clients’ trademark rights;
– Advising on anti-counterfeiting issues: coordinating with Latvian Customs to help clients minimize the trafficking of counterfeit goods.

– Advising the leading regional alcohol&beverages producer on protection of its intellectual property rights against the infringers as well as preparing a strategy of overcoming potential litigation claims related to non-use trademark actions in Lithuania; drafting written arguments against the claim filed by the infringers; representing the client and drafting dispute settlement agreement signed between the parties;
– Advising the leading fashion brand producers on protection measures against the infringers; Monitoring marketplace and advising on maintenance, post-registration procedures and trademark renewal;
– Representing clients in connection with trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Appeal Board.