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Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney/ Plant breeders’ rights Attorney in Tajikistan

We provide full range of trademark services in Tajikistan from trademark clearance, filing trademark applications, prosecution to portfolio management, trademark audits, licensing, market watching services, disputes and litigation. We advised our clients on filing use/non-use applications to the Appeal Board of Tajikistan as well as on protecting their registered trademarks against cancellation procedures in Tajikistan.

Throughout the last years, we developed unrivalled experience in IP litigation in Tajikistan. We successfully represented many household names and big brands before the Appeal Division of the Tajikistani Patent and Trademark Office. We assisted our clients on successful overcoming provisional refusals against international trademark registration in Tajikistan; drafting and filing written arguments against the decisions of Patent Office’s examiners to reject the trademark registration in Tajikistan.

Our IP expertise in Tajikistan:

– Handling trademark portfolio of the leading pharmaceutical products and medical devices producer in Asia & Australia and advising on pre-filing strategy; providing all necessary advice on post-filing procedure related to use/non-use claims by third parties;
– Drafting written arguments, appearing at the Board of Appeal as well as advising a leading US provider of pharmaceutical products and medical devices producer on all aspects related to overcoming provisional refusal against the client’s international trademark applications in Tajikistan; drafting and filing written arguments to the Tajikistani Patent and Trademark Office as well as appearing at the hearings;
– Conducting trademark search and providing legal opinion on perspectives of trademark registration as well as legal risks associated with conflicting trademarks.


Area: 143,100 sq. km.
Population: 8 481 855
Capital: Dushanbe
Language: Tajik.
Currency: Somoni.