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Patent Attorney/Trademark attorney in Azerbaijan

We offer full trademark registration services in Azerbaijan. Your case will be handled by the Azerbaijani Patent/Trademark attorney who leads our IP team. We shall provide you with all necessary information related to trademark registration, filing and prosecution of a trademark application in Azerbaijan. On behalf of our clients, we successfully overcome provisional refusals against international applications for trademark registration in Azerbaijan as well as vigorously represented our clients on appeal and opposition procedures in Azerbaijan.

The fees of registering trademark in Azerbaijan are not out of line with other countries in the region and there are no substantial differences. In should be noted that the Azerbaijani Patent and Trademark Office charges the least amount of state fees for trademark registration compared to other countries of the former USSR (Soviet Union).

The cost of filing trademark application in Azerbaijan depends on the number of trademark classes and the length of specification included to trademark application.

Registration of trademark in Azerbaijan is the first and very important step which allows the owner to obtain exclusive rights to the trademark and to prevent others from using the trademark without the owner’s permission.

If you wish to protect your IP rights to trademarks in Azerbaijan and would like to get more information about IPR protection in this jurisdiction please get in touch with us.

Our IP expertise in Azerbaijan

– Handling trademark portfolios and representing interests of pharmaceutical companies and producers; advising on IP enforcement strategies and defending clients’ IP rights vigorously where necessary. Drafting written arguments for submission to National Patent Office in order to overcome claims of third parties and successfully defending trademark portfolio of the client; advising on all aspects of complex and high-value oppositions;
– advising the British apparel and fashion brand on protection of its IPRs in Azerbaijan; conducting sophisticated watching services program which allows to reveal any potential infringements in timely manner and bring enforcing actions against the infringers;
– advising German fashion brand on enforcement of IPRs in Azerbaijan; conducting full and comprehensive watching services programme including trademark registry search, company name search, constant monitoring of web content and conducting full web watching services as well as market watching services;
– advising the US client on protection of its brand logo against infringement actions; drafting cease and decease letters to the infringers; advising on trademark registration issues and preparing and filing application for trademark registration;
– advising luxurious chain of hotels on protection of IPRs in Azerbaijan; handling trademark portfolio and advising on IPR enforcement;
– handling trademark portfolio of the world’s leading manufacturer of optical instruments in Azerbaijan and advising on the best strategy to protect the client’s brand against potential infringers; conducting market watching, company/business name as well as web watching services;
– Providing assistance in tackling counterfeiting and piracy problems and enforcing clients’ IP rights in Azerbaijan; drafting Cease and Decease Letters and collecting evidence;
– Advising on registration of trademarks at Azerbaijani Customs’ Trademark Registry;
– Advising US tech company on patent protection in Azerbaijan; drafting and filing Azerbaijani National Phase Patent applications based on prior PCT and US patent applications.

General information

Area: 86600 sq. km.
Population: 9 823 667
Capital: Baku
Languages: Azerbaijani
Currency: Manat