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Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney/ Plant breeders’ rights Attorney in Moldova

Our IP services in Moldova include filing and prosecuting trademark applications, trademark registration in Moldova, filing and defending in opposition proceedings, enforcing trademark rights, representing clients in actions before the Trademark Appeal Board in Moldova etc.

At the pre-filing stage, we conduct searches for earlier rights of third parties and advise clients on the trademark protection strategy. After registering trademark in Moldova, based on clients’ instructions, we regularly monitor database of registered marks in Moldova and conduct web surveillance in order to reveal any potential breach of clients’ rights, draft cease and desist letters as well as pursue with any other legal actions required for maintaining the strength of client marks. We represent clients in dispute settlement procedures and do every possible effort in order to avoid litigation. However, if it is required, we vigorously represent clients when litigation is the only efficient strategy against the infringer.

We assist our clients in obtaining registration of trademarks in Moldova by drafting and filing written arguments to overcome provisional refusals against clients’ international applications for trademark registration in Moldova. Based on our knowledge of the existing IP practice in Moldova and our previous involvements into various cases at the Appeal and Opposition Board of the Moldavian National Patent and Trademark Office we draft written arguments against the examiners’ decisions, collect evidence and file objections to the Appeal and Opposition Board. Such joint efforts of our IP team lead to successful representation of our clients’ interests and obtaining positive decision against preliminary refusals by the National Office of Moldova.

General information

Area: 33,846 sq. km.
Population: 3,550,900.
Capital: Kishinev.
Languages: Moldavian.
Currency: Moldovan Leu.