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Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney/Plant breeders’ rights Attorney in Belarus

We advise on full range of IP matters in Belarus. Our extensive experience in trademark matters in Belarus allows us to offer a broad range of services from defining a pre-filing protection strategy and conducting availability searches to handling the complete filing and prosecution process through registration. We also advise on post-granting procedures for national trademarks in Belarus and international registrations under the Madrid System regime.

Based on clients’ enquiries we conducted due diligence, market monitoring services, licensing and assisted in the assignment of IP rights in Belarus. We timely advise our clients about the strategic ways of using and protecting IPRs in Belarus and we do our best efforts in order to avoid litigation. However, in case of conflict, we have full capabilities to represent clients in opposition procedures, drafting of co-existence agreements, negotiation and even mediation during litigation in Belarus.
Our IP services in Belarus include advising on trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, utility models, geographical indications, domain names.

Our recent experience in Belarus

– Settling dispute between the IT&Communication producers related to assignment of trademarks;
– Handling trademark portfolio of the world’s leading mining producer in Belarus; conducting pre-filing trademark clearance searches, advising on brand strategy as well as trademark renewal and assignment issues.

General information

Area: 207,595 sq. km.
Population: about 9,498,700.
Capital: Minsk.
Languages: Belorussian.
Currency: Rouble.