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Patent Attorney/Trademark attorney/ Plant breeders’ rights attorney in Georgia

We can advise you and provide all necessary legal assistance with regard to trademark registration in Georgia as well as all other required IP services.

Efendi Law & IP Consultancy is a full service IP law practice which can help in filing trademark applications, registering trademarks in Georgia as well as providing all required IP services related to filing appeal and oppositions, appearing at the local Courts, advising on anti-counterfeiting strategy for your brand in Georgia, registering trademark at the Georgian Customs Trademark Registry etc.

We successfully overcome provisional refusals against international applications for trademark registration in Georgia as well as provided all required legal support on appeal and opposition procedures in Georgia.

Your case will be handled by our IP team with sophisticated legal knowledge you need to handle the complexities of IP services and IP litigation. We mix our international experience and our local expertise which results in producing the best solutions for our clients and developing successful brand protecting strategy in Georgia. For more information about our legal expertise in Georgia please see the list of our recent projects.


Area: 69700 sq. km.
Population: 3 720 400
Capital: Tbilisi
Languages: Georgian
Currency: Lari