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Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney/ Plant breeders’ rights Attorney in Kazakhstan

We assist our clients on registration of trademarks and other IPRs in Kazakhstan. At the pre-filing stage, we study and propose the best filing strategy and/or analyse pre-existing rights. As the next step, we assist in filing and prosecuting trademark applications in Kazakhstan. If necessary, we represent clients on appeal and opposition procedures at the Kazakhstani  Appeal Board.

After registering trademark at the Kazakhstani Patent and Trademark Office we provide sophisticated market watching services. Based on the results of analysis deriving from web surveillance and monitoring we propose the best strategy for use of trademark in Kazakhstan.

We also provided assistance with regard to many cases related to overcoming provisional refusals against international applications for trademark registration in Kazakhstan as well as successfully represented our clients on cancellation procedures in Kazakhstan.

Our IP expertise in Kazakhstan

–          Handling trademark portfolio of one the biggest Asian pharmaceutical producer and advising on maintenance and enforcement strategy;

–          Coordination with law enforcement authorities on proceedings taken against the infringers of clients’ intellectual property rights in Kazakhstan;

–          Drafting, registering and advising on trademark assignment agreements as well as other related issues.

General information

Area: 2,724,900 sq. km.
Population: 18,050,488.
Capital: Astana
Languages: Kazakh
Currency: Tenge